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My Adopted Sonic OC's Part 6 by Gurahk2 My Adopted Sonic OC's Part 6 by Gurahk2
More of 'em, XD :iconstar236: made the artwork of Bella and Melissa. Well, here's their bios....

Bella is one of the most beautiful insects to roam the world. She is attractive, talented, and can do many things to help anyone that may need it.

Callie is a close friend to many Seedrians and is always willing to help them. She thinks crushes on animals is weird, but she probably needs a boyfriend.

Helen is a sweet girl who likes hanging out with other foxes and wolfs, especially the boys. She is liked by many and wants to be the best friend a person could want for.

Julie is a girl around Max's age who is a lot like Max in so many ways. She is allowed to view adult materia and is a "slut in training", shall we say. She even has a crush on Max, but doesn't think he would like her back.

Melissa is sultry pop model and singer. She has an amazing voice that can outdo even Madonna....and that's saying something!

Talian is a heartless monster whose only mindset is to fight and kill anyone he deems a threat. He is pretty stubborn and extremely evil. He has no time for love, which means getting him laid is an extreme doubt of doing....
starry-patronus Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011  Student General Artist
Thanks for adding them bu can you say the artwork of Bella and Melissa is by me please
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